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About The School

The B.C. Muslim Association owns and operates two Muslim schools in British Columbia in compliance with the Independent School Act and regulations of the Ministry of Education.”

While aiming to meet or exceed the educational expectations of the Ministry, we strive to instill a strong sense of moral and social responsibility in our students. We want our students to excel in all areas, becoming productive citizens while upholding Islamic values and practices.

Our programs promote ethnic equality, religious tolerance, harmonious co-existence with diverse communities and understanding and appreciation for the democratic and pluralistic society we live in.

We endeavor to impart respect and obedience for the law, and expect all our students and staff to lead peaceful, law-abiding lives.

We unequivocally oppose and disallow ideologies promoting ethnic or religious intolerance, or the use of criminal violence for propagating or achieving any social or religious objective.

The BC Muslim School Provides:

High Level and Well-Rounded Education
B.C. Ministry of Education Curriculum
Ranked one of the top 7 most rapidly improving schools in B.C.
Excellent ESL, Remedial, and Resource programs for all grade levels
Strong Leadership Training
Solid Islamic Studies Program
Excellent Islamic Environment
Highly Qualified and Experienced Teachers
Experienced, Enthusiastic and Hard Working Administrative Team
Accredited Arabic as a Second Language Program
A commitment to provide adequate transportation service from the lower mainland.

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1 Ideal Islamic Environment
Complete integration of Islamic principles across the curriculum.
2 Arabic Language Program
Arabic Program approved by Ministry of Education of BC.
3 Playing Ground & Gym
Playground, basketball courts, soccer field, and spacious gym.
4 Library & Computer Lab
Library, science lab and state of the art computer lab.
4 Highly Qualified Teachers
Experienced teachers and a dedicated administrative team.
4 Reliable Transportation
Committed transportation service for Lower Mainland.

For more information, please contact the School at :

Phone:  (604) 270-2511

Fax:       (604) 270-2679

Email:    admin@bcmuslimschool.ca

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Why Attend Muslim School

To protect our children and our identity

The goal behind Muslim education is to raise Muslim children in an environment that is friendly to Islam and where they identify with each other. And when they graduate, they will be practicing and believing Muslims, ready to take their rightful place in society.

Islamic schools make the burden of raising Muslims in a country filled with Western images, symbols, role models, television characters, and so on easier.
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School approach

Perseverance, Excellence, Commitment and Knowledge

Our Approach at BC Muslim School Richmond (BCMS) is to provide a foundation based on Islam for life-long education in a safe community.

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Active learning

Creating Excitement in the Classroom

BC Muslim School Richmond adopts active learning as a teaching method that results in greater student involvement and knowledge retention. Active learning helps children and young people to develop vital skills and knowledge.

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Educational programs

BCMA Extra Preschool Program

BCMA Xtra is new innovative, educational and fun-filled initiative program by BCMA Board of Education invites kids age 6 to 13 to join in Summer Adventure! The theme of each individual week will be learnt through a variety of exciting recreational activities, crafts and hands-on science experiments. Each week will include a field trip, water fun, organized games and sports activities.

For more information, please Contact:

Phone:  (604) 270-2522 Email:   programs@thebcma.com

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Sprouts of Iman Preschool

Sprouts of Iman Preschool: Setting the stage for a strong Islamic identity in a nurturing, emergent, hands-on classroom. We provide a complete Kindergarten Readiness Program

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Financial Assistance

Parents/Guardians who need financial assistance should complete the Zakat Form and submit it to the office with the necessary documentations. The outcome of your application depends on the availability of Zakat Funds available and your financial situation.

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